Good Signs for Bharat Workforce

Good Signs for Bharat Workforce

Let’s start with GOOD NEWS for those wishing to join India’s workforce. Millions of jobs are likely to be created soon for workers in India. We are saying this based on various reports published by the Government of India and private agencies, along with some industrial developments of late.

What Does the Government Report on Workforce Say?

According to the Union Ministry of Labour and Employment, around 29.07 crore unorganised workers are already registered on the e-shram portal. The portal covers unorganised workers in the following categories -

  • Migrant Worker
  • Construction Worker
  • Domestic Worker
  • Street Vendor
  • Agriculture Worker
  • Other Unorganised Workers

e-Shram is a dedicated portal having a database of workers.

How Many Workers Does India Have Now?

These are around 43.5 crore as per the report published by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) last year. Bharat workforce size is nearly one-third of the country’s population. Now comes the best part - 24 million new jobs are likely to be created by 2028, translating into 13,000+ new jobs everyday for these workers by the said period. Non-farm sectors will have 9 crore jobs by the same time.

Job Estimates in Non-farm Sectors are a Good Sign

For a long time, India’s rural families have remained dependent on agriculture. Almost every family has one farmer. Various government reports suggest increasing employment in agriculture year after year. For instance, the CMIE report stated that the employment in agriculture rose by 4.5 million in FY 2021-22.

However, based on the non-farm job estimates made above, the trend will likely change. People will also start getting other jobs such as carpenter, delivery executive, fitter, driver, loader, etc.

Also, monsoons don’t remain ideal every year. Monsoon rainfall declined continuously from 971.8 mm in 2019 to 874.5 mm in 2021. The latest IMD weather report stated August 2023 as one of the driest August since 1901. The rain deficit was pegged at 33%.

So, depending on agriculture alone is not good! The addition of jobs in other sectors will likely increase the living standards of rural India.

The Recent MOU Between Micron Technologies & Gujarat Government is One Bright Sign for Skilled Bharat Workforce

Recently, Micron Technologies, the semiconductor giant, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Gujarat Government to set up a semiconductor manufacturing plant in Sanand Near Ahmedabad for INR 22,000 crore. It is likely to create 5,000 direct jobs, as per news reports. The major beneficiary from this move is likely to be ITI professionals such as design engineers, CAD engineers, analog circuit designers, etc.

But Why Do Challenges Remain for Bharat Workforce?

If you carefully read the stats, you will easily understand their problems. The government has a database of only 29.07 crore Bharat Workforce out of their total size of 43.5 crores. So, most of them are scattered around and are unaware of the job opportunities for them. At the same time, what bothers these workforce is the lack of sustainable employment opportunities. Most of them work far away from their homes, leaving them with very little time to spend with family members. Some of them face transparency issues regarding wage, work timings and their welfare benefits. Other issues include a lack of communication channels by which they can address their issues to the management. All that contributes to high employee attrition rates.

How Can JobsYahan Help Them?

JobsYahan - Bharat ka Job App - is an organised job platform for unorganised workers using the best technologies. Here they can get various updates about their profession. These updates include multiple job recommendations, along with details regarding income, work timings, etc. The vernacular and location-based approach adopted by JobsYahan helps Bharat Workforce find work near them. It’s a smart job platform whose motto is Making Bharat Prosper More with Employment (रोज़गार से समृद्ध भारत). Now with JobsYahan being a recognised startup under the Government of India’s Startup India programme, things only look bright for Bharat Workforce.