Employees’ emotions remain the same, regardless of the company they are in and the position they hold. They feel happy and connected when the management takes care of them, listens to their words and solves their problems. And when the management turns a blind eye to them, they feel frustrated and disoriented from their jobs. Bharat Workforce constituting people lying at the bottom of the workforce pyramid also faces issues. But the lack of a proper mechanism to address their issues makes them feel more disappointed.

Firstly, What Does the Bottom of the Workforce Pyramid Consist of?

This pyramid constitutes people based on which organisations thrive in a challenging business environment. These would be sales executives, sales representatives, technicians, delivery executives, goods maintenance staff, job profiles oriented towards domestic consumption, and many other on-ground staff. They are highly responsible for putting up strong profit numbers.

Problems for Bharat Workforce in India

Lack of sustainable employment opportunities, wage premium and work transparency are some problems Bharat Workforce faces. Let’s check the problems in greater detail.

Issues Regarding Sustainable Employment

Bharat Workforce don’t normally get employment opportunities which they can pursue for long. They often find work in a location far away from their homes, making it very taxing for them physically, mentally and emotionally. So much travelling does not allow them to spend quality time with their families. Not cool!

Wage Premium is RARE

It is perhaps the gravest issue faced by Bharat Workforce. Their wage remains much the same regardless of their work experience and calibre. The growing inflation often makes their wage redundant, forcing them to compromise on the essentials. Yet they go out daily saying APNA TIME AAYEGA. But it’s sheer optimism without any conviction.

Work Transparency Has Been an Issue Too

Bharat Workforce often face transparency issues at the workplace. At the beginning, they are told to work on a day shift. But as work demand enhances, employers start directing them to work on evening and night shifts too. They feel cheated, yet they don’t complain and keep on working, working and working!!!

The Communication Problem

Like others, Bharat Workforce too has queries that need resolution. Some of them even have innovative ideas to share with the management. But they can’t forward the same to the management as most of them lack communication tools.

May Not be Allowed to Attend Important Meetings

In most organisations, sales executives, goods maintenance staff and people with related job profiles are not allowed to attend important meetings that other employees do. Key communications regarding employee welfare and other benefits may not reach them.

Festivals are Not Meant for Many Bharat Workforce

India and festivals go hand in hand throughout the year. The New Year celebration is soon followed by Makar Sankranti, Lohri, Mahashivratri and Holi. And the pattern continues with Vaishakhi, Rakshabandhan, Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas and all. Festivals make for a grand celebration, cheer and happiness. But the duty of Bharat Workforce is such that they can’t celebrate. All they do is wish others on festivals. They somehow manage to hide their pain of not being able to celebrate the same with their family members.

Something What Organisations Must Ponder Upon

Organisations must focus on ensuring an employee-friendly workplace in addition to paying incentives to Bharat Workforce. Organisations must think about their welfare, make them feel important, and motivate them. They are important assets to the organisation taking care of them is a step towards achieving sustainable business growth. Also, as a business owner, look to entertain their ideas to make them feel valued and supported.

JobsYahan Has a Solution

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