Massive Job Opportunities for Bharat Workforce in the Semiconductor Industry

Massive Job Opportunities for Bharat Workforce in the Semiconductor Industry

If you are planning a career in India’s semiconductor industry, there can’t be a more opportune time than now as investments worth billions are pumped into the same. Bharat Workforce including ITI professionals has a great career ahead as semiconductor manufacturers would soon hire CAD engineers, design engineers, verification engineers, analog circuit designers, etc. It’s going to boost the semiconductor packaging industry too. So, the skilled Bharat Workforce has a glorious time ahead.

Where’s That GOOD NEWS Coming from?

Micron, a US-based semiconductor giant, on July 24, 2023, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Gujarat government to set up a semiconductor manufacturing facility worth INR 22,000 crore at Sanand near Ahmedabad, following the discussions between the company’s officials and the PM Modi-led Indian delegation on his visit to the US in June 2023. The discussions happened a day after the Union Cabinet approved Micron’s $2.7 billion investment plan. The cabinet also allowed production-linked incentives worth $1.34 billion for Micron.

The Assembly Test, Marking and Packaging Facility (ATMP), to be built on 93 acres, is expected to create 5,000 direct jobs, as per the news report. Workers will be deployed to transform wafers into Ball Grid Array (BGA)-integrated circuit packages, solid-state drives and memory modules. The unit will be operational in the next 18 months as per news reports.

Ashwini Vaishnaw, the Union Minister for Electronics and Information Technology, termed the move of Micron investing in India as a significant step towards making it Aatmanirbhar, a Hindi term for self-reliant. According to the minister, India imports semiconductors worth INR 3 lakh crore, including memory cards worth INR 1 lakh crore. The integrated circuit assembly and test manufacturing facility at Sanand will likely make India the global superpower in semiconductor manufacturing.

Micron’s Investment is Gujarat’s Second Within a Year

In September 2022, the Gujarat Government inked an MOU with the Foxconn-Vedanta joint venture for establishing an INR 1.55 lakh crore semiconductor manufacturing facility, although the central government is yet to give a nod to the same.

What’s Propelling India’s Semiconductor Space Besides Stimulus Push from the Government?

India’s semiconductor manufacturing space is growing at a rapid pace owing to advancements like the Internet of Things (IoT), robotic process automation, 5G technologies, smart devices, artificial intelligence, etc.

Why is the Semiconductor Industry a Hotspot for Bharat Workforce?

The Indian semiconductor industry has always had a demand for skilled semiconductor professionals even though it constantly faced manpower shortages in the past to meet the desired output. With the latest investments and the constant support from the government in the form of production-linked incentives, there will not be a demand-supply mismatch as was the case previously. Companies will likely invest heavily in Bharat Workforce to propel ahead in the semiconductor manufacturing space.

Skills & Qualifications Required for Jobs in the Semiconductor Industry

The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, physics or information technology. As far as skills are concerned Bharat Workforce must understand emerging semiconductor technologies, programming languages, statistical processes, and an ability to solve problems.

The Role of JobsYahan

JobsYahan, an AI-powered portal, will keep notifying the jobs up for grabs in India’s semiconductor industry. It will keep updating candidates regarding the skills, experience and several other things required for different job profiles. Similarly, recruiters can get assured of genuine Bharat Workforce as JobsYahan uses smart APIs to track candidates’ identity. So, both candidates and recruiters can sign up on JobsYahan and stay tuned for updates.