Explaining the KRAs of Field Marketing Executives

Explaining the KRAs of Field Marketing Executives

Dreaming of becoming the CEO of a company? Start learning business, branding, customer relationship management, sales promotions, merchandising, etc. No harm in beginning your career as a Field Marketing Executive and getting some hands-on experience which will prove vital. Those interactions with clients at their doorstep, those negotiations, and winning over them with grace will propel you ahead.

See business happens when you understand your customer psyche. Something that can be better understood when interacting with customers day in and day out. Once you know your customers’ problems, you can suggest better things to the management regarding marketing plans. Or you can tailor your pitch effectively to grab your customers’ attention.

Let us put before you the job responsibilities for Field Marketing Executives. It will only help you prepare better and make the right calls when on the ground. The real situations may differ, but having a brief idea will help you prepare and present better before clients. So, read the job KRAs carefully.

Here are the Roles and Responsibilities of Field Marketing Executives

Steering Offline Marketing Campaigns Successfully

Ads and business have a correlation with each other. But at the same time, there’s no guarantee of success. There’s no guarantee that people after watching your brand on billboards, hoardings or even newspapers will transact with you. Yet such offline campaigns have to be done immaculately to grab one’s attention.

Besides, there are costs attached to the same. On average, billboard and hoarding campaigns could cost a brand around INR 10,000 and INR 20,000, respectively, per unit. (The costs are sourced from themediant.com.). Imagine the numerous billboards and hoardings you will have to put up to drive sales out of the same.

Challenges are imminent, but effectively covering the customers’ pain points and solutions in the campaign will help drive business. Check where your target audience comes the most and place your marketing collaterals there to fetch the desired business outcome.

Improve Brand Perception

Customers can have both positive and negative feelings about your brand. Marketers remain excited hearing positive things and populate the same, which is good. But ignoring the negatives can derail all those ambitious marketing plans a company may have. Get customers’ feedback and send the same to the upper management. Most likely, they will make amendments to products or services that your customers want.

Also, try to gain insights from the customers about the gap they feel in their lives and how your product can help bridge the same.

So, when a product with enhanced features hits the market, the effect will be bigger and better! It’s about improvement in brand perception, resulting in enhanced customer loyalty.

Keep a Close Eye on Sales Numbers

All roads lead to sales in a marketing job. No matter whether you do online marketing or work as a field marketing executive. Offline marketing campaigns and brand perception activities should lead to increased sales.

If sales numbers are not as per expectations, check the gap. Talk to the customers and convince them to buy your product. Reinforce confidence in them about your product. When done tactfully, sales numbers will go up.

Customer Retention

Your job is not only to acquire customers but to retain them too. There’s always a cost attached to customer acquisition. As per data, acquiring a fresh customer will cost the company 5-25 times more than retaining the existing clientele.

Keep in touch with your customers and give them the best after-sales services to regain their confidence. That further results in W.O.M.E.N. (Word of Mouth Engagement Network), helping you add more customers to the list.

In today’s digital age, both good and bad things about brands can go viral. So, if you give customers an enhanced experience, you can achieve business of gallant proportions.

Wrapping Up

These were some responsibilities of field marketing executives. As you grow ahead in your career, your priorities will change. You may start with an individual contributor going out to the field and executing things. As you gain experience, you will lead teams, regional or zonal-wise, where your responsibilities will be bigger. But the principle of keeping your target audience at the core will remain even then. That’s all we have for you today. Stay tuned for the latest field marketing job offers on JobsYahan - Bharat ka Job App - Yahan Jobs Milna Hai Sabse Saral.